In Memory

    In Memory of Johnny Shugart
from his loving family
from Melinda S. Detrick
from Mary Stevens
from Bill and Beverly Smoak
from Rick and Robin Burchfield
from Janet Steiner
from John A. Farah
from Louis and Gail Capallia
from Allen and Nancy Powers
from Sandy and Bill Attewell
from Wayne and Celia Colee
from Mr. Edward Calhoun and Mrs. Jill Atwood-Hall, Calhous & Atwood LLC
from Burney’s Septic Tank Service (Edison, Candy, J.B., Bonnie, Keith & Lisa)
from Bill Craig
from Robert and Glenda Frawley
from Diane D. Ekberg
from Harald J. Baugstat
from Kay Ackland
from Bo and Rita George
from Valerie Kline
from B & S Signs
from Jerry and Kay Vaughn
from Nanette Bradbury

In Memory of Karri Thomas
from James and Deena Flippin
from Mary Jean Sullivan
from James and Linda Manucy
from Donna Frantz
from Timothy and Lucinda Cordes
from Taylor Refrigeration & A/C
from Nanette Bradbury
from Robert and Glenda Frawley
from Valerie Kline
from Paul and Marie Reynolds
from Dick Rettig
from Maresilla Veiga
from Dick and Gertrude Waler
from Friends from ACGFA
from Jack and Darlene Scheyer
from Peter and Judith Varrone
from David and Laura Qualls

 In Memory of Kaitlin Ann Thomas
from Robbie, John & Grayson Kindig
from Sharon Thomas
 In Memory of Thomas & Virgie Delany
from Robert & Glenda Frawley
 In Memory of Albert & Kitty Delany
from Robert & Glenda Frawley
 In Memory of Shannon
 In Memory of ChiChi
 In Memory of Kourtney
 In Memory of Brea
 In Memory of Eva

 In Memory of Ginny Craig
 from Bill Craig
 In Memory of Pop and Mamoo
 In Memory of Mike Vance
from Mr. Melvin R. Blanns III
 In Memory of Chuck Burres
 In Memory of Gene & Alyce Ledford
from David & Susie Ledford
In Loving Memory of Wyatt Smith
from Jack, Heidi, Abbey & Austin &
Pacetti Bay Middle School Faculty & Staff