Our 13th annual tournament, held in April, Congratulations and thanks for your support.

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OUR 2015 DREAM CHILD – Gideon


Community Hospice’s pediatric program, Community PedsCare, has chosen Gideon as our dream child for the 13th Annual Fishing for Dreams tournament.

Gideon is 15 years old. He has a progressive muscular disease called mitochondrial disease. Gideon is the sweetest teenage boy you will ever meet. He is cognatively normal. He never complains about his condition and always has a smile on his face.

Gideon is the oldest of eight children. He loves being a big brother. He loves fishing with his younger brother and is also a huge football fan. Go Redskins!
Gideon is also very involved in his church and youth group.

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Fishing for Dreams Tournament 2015 Winners


Red Bass

Spotted Seatrout


1st Brian Sousa Jr 7.77 lbs. Randy Rosenfield 6.25 lbs. Deedo Nelson 3.90 lbs.
2nd Kristina Hersey 7.29 lbs. Wil Smith 5.81 lbs. Jimmy Colvin 2.29 lbs.
3rd Derek Povia 7.18 lbs. Dana Lundquist 5.58 lbs. Nedra Parry 1.72 lbs.
4th Drew Depriest 7.02 lbs. Dillon Drury 4.70 lbs. Derrick Allen 1.68 lbs.
5th Darrell Hersey 6.75 lbs. Larry Vaughn 4.65 lbs. Brooks Carey 1.68 lbs.
Bass with Most Spots – Betty Briggs – 9 spots


Fishing for Dreams Tournament Record Holders (as of 2015)

Red Bass David Edwards 8.69 LBS. 2008
Spotted Seatrout Derrick Allen 7.80 LBS. 2013
Flounder Scott Shank 6.46 LBS. 2008